JPBC provides the implementation of the following cryptosystems in the context of the Bouncy Castle framework.

Functional Encryption Schemes

  1. [GGHSW'13] : S. Garg and C. Gentry and S. Halevi and A. Sahai and B. Waters, Attribute-Based Encryption for Circuits from Multilinear Maps
  2. [W'12] : B. Waters, Functional Encryption for Regular Languages
  3. [LW'11] : A. Lewko and B. Waters, Unbounded HIBE and Attribute-Based Encryption.
  4. [LOSTW'10] : A. Lewko and T. Okamoto and A. Sahai and K. Takashima and B. Waters, Fully Secure Functional Encryption: Attribute-Based Encryption and (Hierarchical) Inner Product Encryption.
  5. [DIP'10] : A. De Caro and V. Iovino and G. Persiano, Fully Secure Anonymous HIBE and Secret-Key Anonymous IBE with Short Ciphertexts.
  6. [IP'08] : V. Iovino and G. Persiano, Hidden-Vector Encryption with Groups of Prime Order.

Signature Schemes

  1. [IBS'06] : K. G. Paterson and J. C. N. Schuldt, Efficient Identity-based Signatures Secure in the Standard Model.
  2. [BLS'01] : D. Boneh, B. Lynn, and H. Shacham., Short signatures from the Weil pairing.