Download JPBC

JPBC comes in the form of a distro package that contains the jars and the source code of the library. Please see the License FAQ before downloading.

Package Version Category
JPBC 2.0.0 Stable Download

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Notice that, all the jars files can be found under the jars folder.

System Requirements

JDK 1.6 or above

JPBC Usage

To use JPBC, add to your classpath the following jars:

  1. jpbc_2.0.0-api.jar and
  2. jpbc_2.0.0-plaf.jar.

PBC Wrapper Usage

To use the PBC Wrapper, a shared C library must be compiled and installed properly as shown here.

Then, to use the wrapper, include the following jars:

  1. jpbc_2.0.0-pbc.jar and
  2. jna-3.1.0.jar.

Multilinear Maps Usage

To use the Multilinear Maps, include the following jar:

  1. jpbc_2.0.0-mm.jar.

Cryptosystems Usage

To use the cryptosystems provided by JPBC include the following jars:

  1. jpbc-crypto-2.0.0.jar and
  2. bcprov-jdk16-1.46.