PBC Wrapper

JPBC provides a wrapper around PBC by means of a tiny and efficient layer that enables the communication between the two libraries.

To use the wrapper a shared library written in C must be compiled and installed properly.

To compile the shared library, JPBC provides a cmake style build configuration file.

Here are the instructions to compile the shared library under a unix-like environment.

  1. Install PBC:

    Look here for instructions.

  2. Compile the Shared Library:

    Starting from a JPBC distribution, go to the jpbc-pbc folder and type in a shell the following:

    ccmake .

    Here is a screenshot of the shell.


    Now press c and then g .
    A Makefile file will be generated by cmake. Now in the shell type


    The output should be:


    If everything is OK then in the build folder you'll have the shared library compiled. Move the library to a system folder where Java can see it. Have a look to the "java.library.path" property to know where to place the library.