The Java Pairing-Based Cryptography Library (JPBC) provides:

  • A Port of the Pairing-Based Cryptography Library (PBC), library developed by Ben Lynn, to performs the mathematical operations underlying pairing-based cryptosystems directly in Java.

  • A Wrapper that enables the delegation of the pairing computation to the PBC library to gain in performance.

  • An implementation of Multilinear Maps based on the paper Practical Multilinear Maps over the Integers by Coron, Lepoint, and Tibouchi. The implementation supports multithreading and uses memory mapped files to save in primary memory requirements.

Who Uses JPBC?

If your project uses the JPBC library and you don’t mind it appearing here please contact me.

What is the appropriate way to cite JPBC in an academic context?

If you use Bibtex for your citations, we recommend that you add the following entry in your bibtex database:

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